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Recycle IT

Address Unit 14/2 Crag Terrrace, Clondalkin Industrial Estate, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland.
Telephone 01 4578321
Fax 01 4577368
Website www.recycleit.ie
Email info@recycleit.ie
Licence Waste Collection Number is NWCPO-08-01140 and our Waste Facility Permit Number is WFP-DS-10-0010.
Services Battery Collectors/Recyclers,Electronics & Electrical (WEEE) Recyclers,Fridge Recyclers,Mobile Phone Recyclers, ,
Description Recycle IT is a community recycling business offering collection and drop off services. We specialize in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). So, if you live in Dublin and the surrounding areas and have a TV, computer or old cooker lying in the back of the garage or under the stairs, CCRI will recycle these for you. In fact, Recycle IT will take anything with a plug or a battery. This includes large household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. It also includes the smallest battery-operated device like singing cards and electric toothbrushes.

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