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McAtee Recycling Ltd

Address Old Brickworks, 49 Plantation Road, Gilford, Co Down Northern Ireland. BT66 7AS
Telephone 028 3883 1816
Fax 028 3883 2727
Website www.mcateerecycling.com
Email info@mcateerecycling.com
Services Metal Recyclers,Paper/Cardboard Recyclers,Plastics Collectors/Recyclers,Wood/Timber Collectors/Recyclers, , - All grades of paper and cardboard which can be collected loose, baled or palletised. - Confidential office waste collected and shredded from a wide variety of sources e.g. Solicitors, Banks, Government buildings and general office premises. - Packaging plastic including shrink wrap etc. - Scrap pallets and timber such as damaged pallets or off cuts from furniture manufacturers etc. - Metals including aluminium, copper etc.

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