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Inter-Euro Technology Ltd

Address DĂșn Eoghain, Chapelstown, Carlow, Co Carlow, Ireland.
Telephone +353 (0) 59 9142795 / 086-2467343
Fax +353 (0) 59 9142795
Website www.iet.ie
Email info@iet.ie
Contact Jimmie Parkes; Mary Parkes
Services Education - training - information, Waste recovery and recycling, ,
Description Inter-Euro Technology Ltd provides a specialised environmental service to electroplating and other surface treatment companies on minimisation of waste, recovery of valuable materials and treatment of effluents containing metals. IET has been involved in EU research in Ireland having successfully completed nine major EU Research contracts. The company has also worked with a US company to successfully complete a contract for the US EPA. We have completed two EPA Cleaner Greener Production Programme projects,one as joint researcher one as consultant. Currently involved with EU FP6 large research contract IONMET with 33 EU states.

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