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ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited

Address Roselawn House, National Technology Park, Limerick
Telephone +353 61 633644;
Website www.ecos.ie
Email hello@ecos.ie
Services Wastewater management , , Wastewater, Water and Waste: Treatment, Licence application & review, Best Practice, Recovery & Reuse;Environmental Management : Technical Oversight, Compliance, Cost - Benefit and Life Cycle Analysis;Environmental Liability & Risk Evaluation: Due Diligence, Root Cause Analysis, Sustainability;Environmental Technology: Product & Process development and optimization
Description ECOS provides environmental advice to all types of businesses from indigenous SME’s to multinational companies, including the food and drink sector, pharma-chem, financial services, manufacturing and building services. Our practical experience and expertise includes: Science, Engineering, Technology, Regulations, Financial and Business Management. We work with clients meet their business needs, be legally compliant and operate in line with best practice on areas related to wastewater, water and waste

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